A Piece of Peace

This is the start...

 So I dont like the world I live in one bit! There I said it... I wanna make a change and I'm not sure how I can do it. This is my start. I dont expect anything to flourish overnight but a little at a time is fine with me. How about you? Help me figure something out. Lets be a team. I will be happy with just a little piece of peace.

     If you're reading this I did something right. Hopefully, I can do some more right things with your help!

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"One person can make a difference...and everyone should try" - JFK

If you have a quote of the week just submit it on the ideas and comments page with a name (not required), who said it and why its special to you.
Winner for the first week will get a one of a kind APofP shirt! Custom made of course.

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    Anyways, Caroling is almost here!!!! Are you excited? I am. I always love getting the carols stuck in my head till April. If you have some friends that wanna join us, yes, of course they are invited. See you soon-ian
Dates, places and times:
11-11 @ Dave Skibinskis 7pm Practice and Planning
11-17 @ Merge 7pm Practice
11-19 @ Ginas 6pm Caroling

Happy New Year everyone. Sorry it has taken me so long to post on here. Caroling was such a huge sucess. Five Acres was much appreciative. Im already looking forward to next year.
Got any new ideas?
Christmas caroling is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Information is on the facebook page. If your not on facebook just contact us and we will get you all the info you need...

So I guess... whats next? We need to do a monthly event. Like a swapmeet at ace? Right? Let me know what you think in the ideas/comment page. Or if you want to help, even better right?

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